Virgin’s Number One Frequent Flyer Out Of This World

Virgin Galactic Competition

In an interesting new Virgin press release it’s been announced that their number one frequent flyer will be gifted a free seat on Virgin Galactic’s flights to space.

The competition starts from today and all members of either Virgin Australia, Atlantic or America’s frequent flyer program have until August 7th 2013 to accrue as many points as they can to win this flight valued at more then $200,000. You can learn more about the competition here Virgin’s dedicated webpage.

In other Virgin Galactic news Virgin is looking at adding competition into the “launching¬†satellite” market ¬†with Virgin Galactic craft also being able to deploy various satellites.

With the launch of the Virgin space flights starting in December 2013 it will be interesting to see just how many people are willing to pay the price for a true “trip around the world”.

Dr George


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