Virgin Atlantic Opens For Moscow Tourism

By far one destination I am very keen to go to is Moscow.

So much history, still complete with the feel of Eastern Europe Moscow is an exciting destination complete with many aspects to explore.

Good news is that Virgin Atlantic has pounced on lost British Airways slots into Moscow opening this destination for more travelers out of Heathrow. As reported in The Guardian:

Virgin Atlantic intends to start flying from Heathrow to Moscow next year as part of plans to build a broader network of short and midhaul flights connecting at the London hub.

The airline said it would operate daily flights to the Russian capital should it win the slots British Airways has to give up at Heathrow.

The merger of the two British airlines which served Moscow, bmi and BA, means a competitor will be given rights to start services, and Virgin’s announcement shows it believes it is pole position. Traffic between the two cities has trebled in the last 10 years and demand on the route continues to grow.

Steve Ridgway, Virgin Atlantic’s chief executive, said the airline believed it should win all 12 remaining slots: “Linking these two cities will be an important part of our strategy to run short haul flights into Heathrow thus feeding our long haul network. It will also radically improve competition on the route.”

Now may be a great time to fly to Moscow and enjoy one of the last of the Eastern Block countries without too much western influence.

Dr George


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