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Singapore Airlines Suites. A Class Beyond First.

Singapore Airlines made history on the 25th of October 2007 being the first commercial flight of the much anticipated Airbus A380.

Along an upgraded business class, Singapore airlines introuduced “Suites, a class beyond First”.

Suites sent much excitement through the travel industry introducing beautiful individual cabins, full size beds which could convert to full double beds for passengers in the center row. Each cabin featured a full screen television, comfortable leather recliner chair and when required the room is converted to a bedroom to allow passengers the best opportunity to sleep.

Of course this privilege did come at a premium on top of the standard first class fares. Just this year however this premium has been dropped and first class pricesĀ  and suites are now the same.

Suites is still not available as part of discounted “round the world” inventory however it is hoped that over time this may change as well.

I’ve been fortunate to fly suites twice now. The recliner is very comfortable and easy to sleep in. I found the bed comfortable however the matress is rather firm if you are used to a softer style.

Food of couse was exquisite. Over all I highly recommend the whole Singapore Airlines Suites experience.

Please enjoy this video produced by Singapore Airlines to introduce it’s excited premium passengers to the new “Suites, A Class Beyond”.


Dr George

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