Emirates A380 Service Added To Singapore

emirates a380

Emirates A380 Service Now Added To Singapore

In a great new announcement Emirates has decided to increase capacity on their Singapore route adding the world famous luxury of the Emirates A380 for a daily flight to and from the hub of Asia.

It has been said that of all the airlines flying the A380 Emirates has been the airline that has really added full luxury to their first class. So far Emirates is the only commercial airliner to offer first class passengers the opportunity to shower in the air, a luxury previously limited to exclusive private jets.

Other Asian destinations serviced by the Emirates A380 include Bangkok and Hong Kong.

As noted in The Business Times the Emirates A380 will soon be flying to Melbourne Australia from October and Moscow from December.

This will now mean that both Sydney and Melbourne as serviced by 3 companies flying the A380, Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Qantas.

Currently Emirates flys as far as Auckland however they do not have the additional leg across to the east coast of the USA. Making an Emirates only round the world fare no yet possible. I hope in time a full A380 only round the world fare would be a viable option. Now that would be pure luxury of travel.

Dr George

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