Congratulations To Malaysian On Their New A380

Wonderful news with Malaysian Airlines receiving delivery of their first Airbus A380.

Joining Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Emirates and Lufthansa, the Malaysia Airlines A380 is pushing luxury to an exciting new standard.


Malaysia Airlines has made a few interesting statements with the introduction of their new A380.

First Class seats are wider then found on the Singapore Airlines A380. With only 8 First Class seats, 4 less then Singapore Airlines Suites, premium passengers have access to high levels of service and attention.

The First Class seats transform into a full bed and there are 2 central double seats that can create a side by side sleeping arrangement.

Of course Malaysia Airlines attention to detail are seamless with curb side check-in at KL International Airport.
Having enjoyed the wonderful First Class lounge I can highly recommend arriving a little bit earlier to be able to relax, unwind and enjoy the Malaysian hospitality.

To be among the first to enjoy the Malaysia Airlines A380 experience you will need to be traveling from KL to London. Over time it is expected that this will be extended to other markets including Australia, and the USA.

I’ve always admired the wonderful kind service of Malaysia Airlines and look forward to trying their A380 First Class soon.

Dr George

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