CNN’s Top Ten Luxury Airline Lounges

CNN today published their top ten list of Airline Lounges.

While I am pleased to see that the expected’s were present there were a few notable absences.

Indeed the First Class Terminal of Lufthansa is amazing. While I have not yet travelled through it I have recently had a change of heart with Lufthansa. Indeed they are now an amazing strong airline and they seem to have dropped the stuffy pretence of years gone by.

Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal Frankfurt

I absolutely love the idea of being taken in a Porsche from the door of the terminal to my flight. Absolutely the best way to start a flight.

Of note in CNN’s report is the lack of one airline lounge that I think is truly world class, The Private Room by Singapore Airlines.

I love The Private Room, so much luxury and an oasis in busy Singapore airport.

The Private Room Singapore Airlines HamburgerThe restaurant is amazing and if you are looking for a touch of pure decadence you have to try the “hamburger”.

Of course it’s no standard hamburger, that’s chopped filet minion, truffle and a quails egg to top it off! Pure luxury.

While a think that this report by CNN does cover many of the standard choices I think there are many other lounges that are great and sadly not included.

What is your favorite lounge?

Dr George


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