A Case Of First Class Disappointment

Qantas First Class Luxury

Almost on the laughable scale is news that an Australian expert in industrial and organisational psychology, a man who focuses on employee well being,  managed to delay a Qantas A380 load of passengers after demanding to be let off the aircraft due to lack of pyjama’s in his size.

While the soft amenities of flying first class are appreciated, nice toiletry bags and pyjama’s are not usually a deal breaker when it comes to my flights. Clearly for this couple it was.

 Twitter Reactions To “Pyjama Gate”

Clionadh PegrumClionadh Pegrum – @ClionadhPegrum
Passengers refuse to fly to LA because there were no XL pjs in first class available http://t.co/i70Qqynr #firstworldproblems

Joelle AlcaidinhoJoelle Alcaidinho – @Joelle_writes
A JUMBO tantrum over first-class pajamas has held up a @QantasUSA flight to Melbourne http://t.co/TEuWI8M5 (via @JohnnyJet) so ridiculous.

While there has been much press on the cost of this delay and many people who have chastised this doctor for his childish behaviour, I have admit that I too would be very annoyed if I had paid the high premium of a first class fare to be presented with a product that not what matched the price tag.

Designer or not, if Qantas had advertised the product to include these touches, any deviation from this leads to potential disappointment in the paying customers mind. This goes not just for items like pyjamas but also availability of food selections and even whether the in flight entertainment is working.

I’ve certainly felt angry when flying first class between Sydney and Los Angles to have the only seat in a full first class that didn’t have a working television. You can imagine how frustrated I felt as everyone else was watching shows and I was left with a blinking screen.

It’s these incidents that lead to a drop in trust of airlines and the integrity of their promises to their customers. If an airline is not able to keep enough stock of their soft offerings what is their spending like in other areas such as maintenance or safety training?

Sure I would probably not hold up all the other passengers to “make a stand”, but I sure know that this would leave an impression on me when I next chose to fly.

Sure, Qantas has a bit of  a monopoly on the Australia to US route in the first class cabin, but that may not be for ever and it’s not the only route.

So what are your thoughts. Was this simply a once off over the top mishap or are people’s expectations of luxury being set too high?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Dr George

As a disclosure, this article was written in my Singapore Airlines First Class pyjamas. 😉

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